Monday, July 10, 2006

TOES - looking for a home

I have six digits on each of my big manly paws. The technical term is polydactyl, but you can call me Toes...

A recently neutered and well house-trained boy, I was found as a stray, being fed by a lady on an estate. Don"t ask me my age ... cos I don"t know!

I have a very affectionate and friendly nature; there"s nothing I like better than having my head stroked, and especially having my cheeks scratched. In return I like to lick and grooming people, to show affection - in fact I do this quite a lot, and my fosterer-human says it"s a bit like getting a hand-massage. I should charge...

I"ll happily spend the night sleeping with you on your bed. The only thing I"m not keen on is being picked up, in common with many cats I suppose.

However, I do enjoy entertaining people. They love it when I play with my catnip mouse, chase my styrofoam ball, and chase their shoelaces. I would probably like a garden to play in.

Here are some more pictures of me being cute...

For more details about this character, call SNIP on on 0700 594 7647 (and select the "adopt a cat" option) or email, quoting your name, address and contact number(s).

[We do a Home Check on all potential adopters, so you need to be in North or North East London (Islington, Camden, Hackney, Haringey, Enfield) where our volunteer home checkers can get to.]


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